Town of Queensbury

For an audio account of the June 6, 2016 Queensbury Town Board Meeting “Department of State is Happy …”

For an audio account of the August 17, 2016 Queensbury Town Board meeting “Passed the Department of State audit …”

For an audio account of the May 1, 2017 Town Board meeting between Mr. Strough and Mr. Irish:

The Town of Queensbury paid $3,262,952.02 directly to Dave Decker (Vender 4735) from 2/14/2003 to 1/12/2016:

For a complete list of Queensbury Town Board Meetings audio, please click:

Mr. Decker has been arrested on fraud charges.  The Post Star report:


In 2015 the New York State Department of State audited five (5) grants Mr. Decker obtained and administered on behalf of the Town of Queensbury:

Click for DOS Audit Summary 10/20/2015NYS DOS Audit Summary of Review and Findings 10-20-2015

Supervisor John Strough did not copy the Town Board on his response to the NYS Department of State Audit dated October 20, 2015:

Councilman Doug Irish learned of the audit in 2017 and contacted Barbara Tierney the Queensbury Town Budget Officer about it.  Here was her response on April 20, 2017:

“I do not have any audit from DOS. I was not aware of a DOS report until you just brought it up.”  Click: Strough and Tierney response to Doug Irish audit question

When questioned about the audit by Councilman Doug Irish, Supervisor John Strough said on April 20, 2017: 

“I have not seen this report, and this is the first I am hearing of its possible existence. Therefore, I am not familiar with its contents.”  Click: Strough and Tierney response to Doug Irish audit question

Supervisor Strough was careful to parse his words about the specific report Councilman Irish asked about. At which time Lt. Steve Stockdale clarified the issue in an email response and stated,

“Mr. Strough – I apologize for the confusion.  The pdf I forwarded to you contained the first five pages of the DOS report consisting of the “Summary of Review and Findings” portion of the correspondence.  There were indeed a total of 133 pages attached to their report, which consisted primarily of copies of contracts, emails and various legal-ese.  I will absolutely scan and attach the remainder of the report if you request such.”  Lt. Steve Stockdale

Even after such clarification from the Sheriff’s office Supervisor Strough continued to deny he had ever seen the audit report for which he sent a response to DOS.

Click: Lt. Stockdale clarifies audit in email exchange with John Strough

Lt. Steve Stockdale reminded Mr. Strough in an email on April 20, 2017 that he indeed did know of the report unless someone forged his signature:

“If, as you have stated in prior correspondence, you have not seen this report in the past and are seeing it now for the first time then I respectfully suggest that you may have been the victim of a forgery.  If you determine that is the case we are available to assist you with that as well.”

Lt. Stockdale also noted with Mr. Strough the fact that he did not share the DOS audit as part of the subpoena in the Decker case and the Sheriff had obtained it directly from DOS:

“… these documents (DOS audit) were provided to us by the Department of State and not by the Town of Queensbury …”

Click for April 20, 2017 email Lt. Steve StockdaleStockdale Email1

Supervisor John Strough has called this nothing more than “politics” and held up two letters at the May 1, 2017 Town Board meeting stating the board was copied and notified of the audit, but these letters did not address the audit and were letters written in 2014 before the release of the audit.  Here are the two letters Mr. Strough referenced:

Click: Strough to Cindi Denick at DOS – 11-25-14

Click: Strough to Decker

Warrant 01-12-2016


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Warren County GeoThermal System

WC EPC White Paper Final

Bergmann Final GeoThermal Audit Report:  Warren County Report – Final

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix G












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Since 2012, I have been keeping tabs on the Warren County Board of Supervisors and doing my best to inform voters of what is taking place at Warren County. I have now published more than 130 newsletters, numerous position papers and held public meetings. This website chronicles this work. To access my newsletters, please go to the menu bar and click on the year you would like to view.

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Warren County Legislature

Federal Lawsuit: decision


Statement of Fact presented to the Warren County Attorney Brian Reichenbach:  STATEMENT OF FACTS 4-29 (draft)

Legislature Paper 1

Legislature Paper 2

Warren County Legislature Presentation 3-28-16

Legislative Paper 2 handout

Bill Mahar’s Petition and Handout:

Petition for the Creation of a County Charter Commission

Legislature Petition Handout

Queensbury Town Board:

The Queensbury Town Board approves a resolution that “supports the decision of the duly elected representatives to the Queensbury School Board to “opt out” of the municipal tax exemption for the City of Glens Falls proposed property improvements for a solar farm and any other future solar and wind energy projects within the School District boundaries.” Qbury Town Council support school board

Queensbury Town Council approves resolution that “supports the establishment of a Citizen Advisory Committee at Warren County to research and report to the Board of Supervisors what system of governance would be most effective for Warren County Taxpayers.”  Queensbury Town Council ResolutionSupport Citizen Committee at Warren County

STATEMENT OF FACTS 4-29 Final to Brian


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COGEN – Warren County Sheriff Investigator Report

DA Affidavit Letter

Warren County Investigator Affidavit

Warren County Investigator Report

Siemens chart EnerNoc

Siemens Cogen pro forma

Siemens letter March 15 2016 (3)

Travis Whitehead Letter to Siemens

Chairman Geraghty Siemens

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Westmount expenses 2010 – 2015

Westmount budget numbers

Confidence email

NYSDOH Document Meeting Sept 2015 – NYSDOH Document Meeting Sept 2015

Westmount RFP – RFP-WC 69-12 (1) (1)

Siemens Year 10 Energy Performance Contract cover page

Westmount Feb 11 presentation

Westmount Cogen May 1 Town Hall


Budget Analysis March 30 2015

Westmount Email Feb 19

Westmount RFP


Westmount 2013



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Warren County Treasurer Mike Swan:  Budget_Analysis_Memo_May 31 2016

Committees votes and points

Warren Population and Votes

2015 failed resolutions

Warren County Board of Supervisors meetings

2016 Budget Process Email

2011-13073 – 15 WC Treasurer Correspondences – 35 pages

GeoThermal ProForma

Whitehead Email Nov. 17 2015

02 06 06 Siemens Prelim Proposal – Municipal Ctr

Siemens GeoThermal Contract Savings

Siemens GeoThermal ~ YEAR 1Siemens GeoThermal ~ YEAR 2; Siemens GeoThermal ~ YEAR 3Siemens GeoThermal ~ YEAR 4

Siemens contracts5

Siemens GeoThermal Analysis

Siemens Energy Projects – Siemens Project Cost Analysis

Siemens chart EnerNoc

Siemens District 1

Siemens puts GF into fiscal distress

Siemens GF Letter of Intent

tom myers

EnerNoc Final Audit Report

Westmount expenses

Westmount Co-Gen Payments to Siemens

EnerNoc Dec 2013 Cogen Report

Louisiana opinion

County Admin Office Road Email 2015


Warren County Tax Workshop

Future County Debt Service – Including Court Expansion

Treasurer Budget Analysis

Treasurer – 2014 Additional Revenues and Expenses

Occ Tax Municipality Payments

Occ Tax Tourism Revenues Expenditures – 2011-14

2014 Warren County Multi-year Plan

2015 Warren County Budget Summary by Department

2015 Warren County Budget Summary

Non Bargaining Salaries Updated

2014 Sales Tax YTD

Budget_Analysis_Memo_-December 31 2013 (Final) and March 31 2014

Budget Meeting Presentation

WC EPC White Paper Final

Siemens Statement re

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2010-2014 Actual – Airport2015 Final – Airport2010-2014 Actual – Westmount2015 Final – Westmount

Airport vs Westmount expenses

Reasons not to expand runway














Stuart Field Expansion Position Comments

Airport Expansion Arguments

Phil Morse letter re GFL

Airport – DEC Response to Comments

GFL current jet traffic

Appendix N – Conceptual Mitigation Plan


New plow and sweeper for Airport (above) – $675,000

Saratoga Airport documented expense

Airport Budget Final Approved


Airport Hanger Bond payments

2015-Saratoga DPW Roads

Saratoga DPW NYS CHIPS funding


2014 Additional Rd Projects Recommendation 2014-2-5

Airport 2013 Actual Budget

Airport hanger payments 2013 – 2015

Warren vs Saratoga Airports 2012

Airport benefit projects (2)

Airport FBO Lease Overview

Airport 2nd meeting Final

Airport Position Paper

Airport Facility Meeting Report Jon Mandwelle


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Media Coverage

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Essays: The Fiscal Cliff, Mandates, Growth in Government, Invasive Species

Committees votes and points

3 23 nursing home email

County Attorney email


Airport March 18 2014 meeting

Dec 21 2012 – The Fiscal Cliff

Mandate Relief –

Mandate Relief –

Is it possible to stop the growth in government?

Invasive Species Lake George

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